Located off Excelsior Road in Sacramento, Sacramento Raceway Park hosts street-legal drag races and motocross (competitive dirt bike) events. The track is operated by Dave Smith and his family.

Sacramento Raceway Park has been the home to many statewide competitions including the Dodge Amateur National and Governor’s Cup. It’s also a popular attraction for families. A great post ahead.


Whether you’re a drag racing enthusiast or an asphalt racer, you’ll be excited to know that Sacramento Raceway Park offers several events for fans of motorsports. These include drag races, motocross, and supercross events.

If you’re looking for a fun day out with friends and family, the track is a great option. However, there are a few things you’ll need to consider before you head out.

Sacramento Raceway Park has been a popular location for drag racing and motocross events since its inception. Over the years, the track has been repaved and upgraded, and it now hosts bi-monthly supercross and stock car races. The track also features NHRA-certified double steel guardrails, new TSI infrared and Daktronics timers, and safety fencing. It has also been expanded to include full-facility restrooms, food and souvenir concessions, and shade trees. The park has grandstands that seat 10,000 people. It is currently an NHRA-sanctioned dragstrip that uses all NHRA rules and regulations.


Sacramento Raceway Park is home to some of the most popular drag racing events in California. It is an NHRA-sanctioned racetrack that offers street-legal drag races and motocross events.

The track also hosts a number of other events for fans to enjoy including bi-monthly Friday night supercross and Saturday night stock car racing. The park is known for its NHRA-certified double steel guardrails, NewTronics Timing equipment, and safety fencing.

Located about 17 miles east of UTI Sacramento, this go-kart facility is sure to be fun and competitive! This track is a great way to get your adrenaline pumping, but keep in mind that it can get busy.

If you love trucks, you’ll want to check out the Golden State Diesel Fest at Sacramento Raceway Park. The event features drag racing, a donut pit, and sled pulls. This is a fun way to spend the day with your friends or family! Visit the track website for more information on tickets and upcoming events. More places to also visit by clicking here.

Off-Road Vehicles

If you’re looking to get out and go for a day of fun on the open road, Sacramento has plenty of options. The area features two outdoor motorsport parks – Prairie City State Vehicular Recreation Area and Sacramento Raceway Park – for off-road vehicle activities of all types.

Both parks are family-friendly and allow fans to enjoy high-speed fun in a safe, enclosed environment. These parks host a variety of racing events, including motocross and drag races.

Sacramento Raceway Park hosts Wednesday Night Drags, a Grudge Fest, and the Governor’s Cup drag race. It’s also home to a drag strip and grandstands for spectators, as well as a dirt track, BMX track, and a one-mile motocross track.


Sacramento Raceway Park is one of the most popular venues for live entertainment in California. It hosts a variety of events every year, from concerts to sporting events to comedy shows.

It’s a great place to see performances from top artists and performers, especially if you’re looking for something that’s fun and unique. The venue is known for its best-in-class performance night in and night out.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, you can go to K1 Speed and try out some indoor electric go-kart racing. The track is about 17 miles from UTI Sacramento and offers daily races, so it’s an easy way to get out of the classroom for a little while.

Alternatively, you can visit Thunderhill Raceway Park, which is about 88 miles north of UTI Sacramento. This place hosts the country’s longest road course, as well as dirt tracks and asphalt ovals. It’s also home to several other types of racing events, including drag, stock car, and open-wheel races. Click here for more interesting articles.



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