Kalithea Park Gillette Dr El Dorado Hills CA

Kalithea Park Gillette Dr El Dorado Hills CA is one of the best places to take in sweeping views overlooking Lake Folsom and El Dorado Hills. It features a playground, paved sidewalks and is perfect for a romantic picnic.

Community parks are large, often with sports fields and bathrooms. However, you can also find smaller parks that have less amenities but are still a lot of fun. Learn more!


Located within El Dorado Hills, Kalithea Park offers scenic views of Lake Folsom and Sacramento. It also features a natural turf sports field, children’s play structure, paved walking paths and barbecue pits.

This elegant Montecito style home was completed in 2020 and delivers everything a modern, upscale family needs. Among the many impressive details are a 20′ barrel-vault ceiling in the dining room, stunning wood casework, custom iron stair railings and gorgeous light fixtures.

You can take in the view from one of several spots on the property, including a rooftop terrace and a side courtyard. The main level features a luxurious primary suite, gourmet kitchen with professional Thermador appliances and separate butler’s pantry. It also boasts a home office, formal dining room and a wine closet. This is a must-see for anyone looking to buy a new home in El Dorado Hills. The home’s most notable feature, however, is its sweeping lake views. The property also offers a spa, pool and a side courtyard for relaxing or entertaining. Browse around this site!


Kalithea Park Gillette Dr El Dorado Hills CA offers a variety of amenities and services for families to enjoy. The park features a natural turf sports field, a children’s play structure and paved walking paths. Barbecue pits are also available for use.

Kalithea is a quiet community park where residents can relax and enjoy the view of Folsom Lake and Sacramento. There is a children’s playground, picnic area and barbecue pits for grilling.

The park is maintained by the El Dorado Hills Community Services District and is operated for joint use by the community. The park also includes the New York Creek Nature Trail, which is a beautiful 1.5 mile path under oak trees that stretches from Entrada Drive to Silva Valley Parkway. This park has been protected from development by a local residents’ bond. The area is located between Entrada Drive and Oak Meadow Elementary School. It is a popular place for picnics and hikes.


Located on the east side of El Dorado Hills, Kalithea Park is a community favorite that features a natural turf sports field, children’s play structure and paved walking paths. It also offers scenic views of Folsom Lake and Sacramento.

The park was crowded and had a lot of activity, but the facilities were clean and fun for all ages. The park is a great place to have a picnic or watch a game of soccer.

The best thing about this park is that it’s within easy reach of many homes in the neighborhood, making it a convenient spot to have a family picnic or just relax and enjoy the views. It’s not the biggest or the best park in the area, but it does the job well and is a must see for anyone visiting El Dorado Hills. The park’s most dazzling display is a fountain that lights up in the night. Among the smallest and most clever was a lighted water display that can be seen by anyone in the neighborhood.


Kalithea Park Gillette Dr El Dorado Hills CA is a great place to visit for a picnic with a beautiful view of the lake and the homes in the area. There is also a small kiddie playground, clean public bathrooms, and parking for those who need it.

Park-and-Ride facilities should be planned and built concurrently with new development, as the size and location requirements make it difficult to retrofit the built environment with unplanned lots. Ideally, adequate areas should be preserved for future facilities along corridors most-likely to be heavily used as commuter routes.

The 2007 Park-and-Ride Master Plan envisioned three new projects in the El Dorado Hills area. These are currently underway and should complete within the next two years. Click for more info!

Driving Direction from Set Point to Kalithea Park

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