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Semaglutide for Weight Loss

Quality Standards that reach for the Stars

Our staff will work with you to determine if our treatment fits your individual needs. We partner with the best in healthcare, including the top compounding pharmacies in the U.S, and we only prescribe medications specifically for weight loss. That means no stimulants and no habit-forming medications—only the best semaglutide to work with your body for healthy, sustained weight loss.


We offer support every step of the way with in-office consultations that are always easy to schedule. We also offer regular check-ins and are here to answer any questions that come up along the way.

Meet Our Team

Jazmyn Hopkins Medical Assistant

Jazmyn has developed expertise in caring for people in the in-home care services industry. Her medical assistant training and kind gentle demeanor, makes her a favorite with our clients. When she is not working Jazmyn enjoys being with family and just having fun.

Troy Watson CEO

Troy is a passionate human being that cares deeply for his friends, family, and humans in general. Troy spent time as an EMT working both in the emergency room and on ambulances. In addition, he has spent many years as a small business owner and youth sports coach in the community. Helping people and making the world a better place is what drives Troy. When he is not working he enjoys family, friends, community, boating, and just hanging out.

Cy Watson Medical Assistant

Cy is very well known to Folsom and the surrounding community. His experience includes project management, supervising teams, and being one of the most outgoing personalities you will ever meet. His passion in caring for people shows in the community through projects and youth events. Cy enjoys church, his family, and boating when he is not working.