Folsom Kids Play Park (Castle Park) Prewett Drive Folsom CA

If you’re looking for something different to do with your kids in Folsom, check out this unique playground that’s themed after medieval fortresses. You can find it at 201 Prewett Drive. This park has a nice sand play area and toddler climbing structure. It’s a little busy and can get a bit hot in summer, but it’s worth the visit.  Read More About This!


There are numerous playgrounds in Folsom that offer families a wide variety of options. There are also parks where parents can enjoy a nice picnic while their children have fun.

The Castle Park Prewett Drive Folsom CA is a beautiful little park that features many different play areas for kids of all ages to enjoy. There is a bigger kid play area, a toddler play area and a sand play area.

The park is called Castle Park because of the unique outdoor play structures that are inspired by medieval fortresses. They include web-like rope ladders, giant tires jutting out of the ground and a wiggling rubber bridge. These play structures are very imaginative and never fail to create great memories. The park is also a good place for birthday parties and family picnics. The play area gets pretty hot in the sun but the trees provide some shade at times. It is a little small so make sure you keep an eye on your child as they play!


The City of Folsom’s first-rate parks and recreation system provides youth sports athletic opportunities, teamwork, fundraising, scholarships, and programs to foster team and individual competition, while providing leadership and mentorship. This is done through the Folsom Athletic Association, a non-profit service organization.

Kids will love the playground equipment at Folsom Kids Play Park, commonly referred to as Castle Park because of its unique outdoor play structures themed after medieval fortresses. The park offers tire swings, rope ladders, monkey bars, and slides that will make your child’s day! Located at 201 Prewett Drive, this popular play area is a must-visit for families! It also has restrooms, picnic tables, and shade. The park is located within walking distance of other Folsom neighborhoods and businesses. For more information about this popular kids’ play area, visit the Folsom Kids Play Park website. You can also find a list of other kid-friendly parks in Folsom on MyFolsom. Hopefully this guide will help you plan the perfect family outing! Check Out This Article!


Folsom Kids Play Park (Castle Park) Prewett Drive is a fun playground that is a popular spot with local families. It has a large castle-themed playground with climbing equipment, swings and picnic tables.

There is plenty of space to run around, but if you need to take a break there are two sand pit areas that are separated for toddlers. The sand tends to get small sticks and bark mixed in, but the sand play structure gets a good amount of shade at certain times.

If you’re looking for a place to relax, Folsom offers a wide variety of parks that will suit your family. From Lake Natoma to Sutter Street, you’re sure to find something for everyone to enjoy!


If you’re looking for a fun, educational, and utterly enlightening way to spend some time with your kids, the city of Folsom has a plethora of free or inexpensive things to do. From world-class fishing, to hiking and kayaking, to a zoo that houses the best animal displays around, this is truly a place for families with children of all ages.

The city has a lot to offer, including a state of the art museum and an exciting new downtown district, where a plethora of dining and shopping options await. For those who want to venture beyond the confines of city limits, Folsom Lake is the real deal and offers a whole host of recreational opportunities like kayaking and boating. For those who want to splurge, there are numerous upscale boutiques and high-end restaurants to satisfy even the most refined palates. For the budget conscious, there are also a handful of discount and bargain outlets that can be found in every neighborhood. Visit The Following Website!

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