There is a lot to love about Carmichael Park. This major 38-acre park has 5 ballfields, 6 tennis courts, and a dog park.

It is also home to Food Truck Mania, where you can sample from over a dozen food trucks every Thursday night. This is a perfect way to spend the evening with your friends and family. Read on to learn more.

Canine Corral

The Canine Corral at Carmichael Park is a great place to take your dog. This fenced-in dog play area is open from dawn to dark and is supported by volunteers.

There are separate areas for small and large dogs. It has seating, shade trees, and various terrains to run and play. It also has a water fountain and cleanup bags available for dogs who might have gotten into a tangle.

This regional park in Carmichael is home to many amenities including sports fields, game courts, and playgrounds. It also offers a community clubhouse and public art display called the Great Wall of Carmichael.

The Canine Corral Association is in need of help to fund renovations. They recently held a critical meeting where dog owners gathered to discuss their issues.

Dog Runs

One of Carmichael Park’s best features is the Canine Corral – this fenced-in doggy playground boasts separate areas for small and large dogs. This pawtastic doggy play area offers drinking water, shade, and comfortable benches for dogs to hang out on.

In addition to the Canine Corral, Carmichael Park has an off-leash dog park open 7 days a week for dogs of all sizes and breeds. The park also hosts pet-friendly events like the Barktober Festival on October 23rd from 11 am -3 pm!

Another great feature of the park is the community center. It hosts several weekly activities, including a food truck night with live music on Thursday nights. The park also has a baseball diamond, basketball courts, and tennis courts. Here is another spot to visit.

Picnic Areas

The Carmichael Recreation and Park District, established in 1945, is a dependent special district chartered by the County of Sacramento to manage parkland and provide recreation opportunities to the residents of the Carmichael and surrounding area.

The district includes 13 park sites; 11 fully developed parks, a 36-acre community center at the former La Sierra High School, a botanical garden that is nearly 50 years old, and a 17-acre nature area called Schweitzer Grove. The district also operates a number of sports programs and youth daycare services in the community.

The district’s main office is located in Carmichael Park, a 38-acre developed community park at 5750 Grant Avenue. The Park features the Great Wall of Carmichael, an artistic rendering of all the things that make our community great.


Carmichael Park is a 38-acre park with baseball, soccer, tennis, and basketball fields, as well as several playgrounds, picnic tables, a leash-less dog park, and public restrooms. It also features a community clubhouse, a veterans’ memorial building, and the Daniel Bishop Memorial Pavilion for the performing arts.

It’s no wonder that Carmichael Park is one of the most popular parks in the area! It offers a variety of recreational facilities, including sports programs, youth daycare, and art classes.

A plethora of other activities is also available at Carmichael Park, such as laser tag, hiking trails, and the Chautauqua Playhouse. In addition, the park is home to many restaurants and cafes that serve food for all tastes.

You can also take your family on a fun walk in Charles Jensen Botanical Garden, an outdoor space that is a gem of the Carmichael area. The garden was established by Charles Jensen as a hobby and has grown to become a popular spot for families and visitors alike. Browse the next article.



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